About intimate spaces

Established 2012

To create harmonious connections between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our Name:
in·ti·mate: a familiar association, close relations, warm friendship.  
spaces: an expanse in which objects are located and events occur.  

intimate spaces: allan & pam
Allan & Pam Baur
Owners + Designers + Installation Professionals

intimate spaces is a husband & wife team providing home improvement services since 2012. Founded on the premise to be a different type of company, Allan & Pam decided to stay small and not juggle multiple projects, which means they are on your project every day until completion.  Always professional, they treat your property as their own. Contact intimate spaces to get started on your awesome project!

"We collaborate closely with our clients to develop cohesive spaces through innovative design and quality craftsmanship." - Allan & Pam Baur

intimate spaces: security
Security + Support + Barketing Mgr.

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Our Value

The advantages of choosing intimate spaces for your project

  • Over 40 years industry experience
  • We only work on one project at a time
  • Guarantee our work in writing
  • Fully insured for every project 
  • A+ BBB rating | 5 Stars on Google
  • Intimate Spaces
  • PO Box 131
  • Sparta, OH. 43350